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Inside Sales Sales 2.0

Have you just received funding for your business and are now tasked with scaling out a direct sales organisation, selling into EMEA or the US.

Is your average revenue per sale €5,000 or greater?

If your answer is yes to either of these questions then you have an opportunity to leverage Inside sales 2.0 

In my current role as Sales Development Director EMEA for Main and recent role as Inside Sales Director at Quantcast EMEA I had the opportunity to test Aaron Ross Predictable Revenue system and can confirm that it works I was able to divide our inside sales team into specalised functions.

Here are the four basic functions or themes:

“Inbound” Lead Qualification: Commonly called Market Response Reps, they qualify marketing leads coming inbound through the website or 1800 number. The sources of these leads are either marketing programs, search engine marketing, or organic word-of-mouth.

“Outbound” Prospecting/Cold Calling 2.0: Commonly called Sales Development Reps or New Business Development Reps, this function prospects into lists of target accounts to develop new sales opportunities from cold or inactive accounts. This is a team dedicated to proactive business development.Highly efficient Outbound reps and teams do NOT close deals, but create & qualify new sales opportunities and then pass them to Account Executives to close.

“Account Executives” or “Sales”, are quota-carrying reps who close deals. They can be either inside or out in the field. As a best practice, even when a company has an Account Management/Customer Success function, Account Executives should stay in touch with new customers they close past the close until the new customer is deployed and launched.

Account Management/Customer Success: Client deployment and success, ongoing client management, and renewals. In today’s world of “frictionless karma”, someone needs to be dedicated to making customers successful–and that is NOT the salesperson!

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