Why use a business coach?

The International Coach Federation puts it rather well when it describes coaching as “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.’’

Worth thinking about…?

Certainly coaching is a much misused term and is frequently confused with consulting, mentoring & counselling. There is an important, if fine line, between each. We can explain it this way:

dan-servies graphic2

If you were buying a bicycle, a consultant advises on the type of bicycle to buy, a mentor shares how they found the experience of riding a bicycle and a counsellor helps overcome the fear of riding a bicycle. A COACH however, runs alongside as the client cycles the bicycle, perhaps holding a map to help find the way. It may even be seeking clarity about the actual destination or the route needed.

Coaching, in its true sense, believes that the PERSON being coached really does have THE ANSWERS most appropriate for them but he or she may need help finding those answers.

We can all benefit from working with someone who is not a husband, wife, partner, friend, colleague or boss. Someone who accepts us as we are, who believes in us and our potential. Someone who sits on the same side of the desk with us and is fully on our side. That person can be a professional coach. It is meaningful what can be achieved in the focussed, dedicated time of a coaching session.

Coaching is particularly useful when someone feels ‘stuck’ and wants to become ‘unstuck’.

Interest in coaching is growing rapidly. More and more organisations and individuals now recognise its value. Some of the tangible benefits can include:

  • fresh way to look at problems and opportunities
  • more positive approach
  • ‘can do’ attitude
  • results driven focus
  • increased contentment
  • improved sense of achievement and wellbeing


COACHING has become particularly relevant in today’s challenging world. As life becomes faster and more demanding it is a useful place to press pause. To stop, step back, review and re-evaluate. Space to think. Space to consider. Space for you.

That means you can work to improve whatever aspect of your business or personal life that is most important for you.

While it appears deceptively simple, coaching can be extremely powerful.