Whether you are a CEO, director, manager, entrepreneur or individual – feeling stuck, going through change, or looking to get you or your business on the right track….

Who can you turn to confidentially for truly objective help and advice?

  • Your co-directors or partners have their own interests at heart
  •  Investors only want to hear good news
  • It’s unprofessional to share your problems with staff
  • Friends and family may not be able to cope with the complexities of your situation


Daniel is mentor with the  Enterprise Ireland Mentor Network  you can contact him at 

Enterprise Ireland Mentor Network

Mentors   Companies can request the appointment of a Mentor from the Enterprise Ireland Mentor Network to advise on issues relating to developing and executing an international sales strategy.  Mentors are successful senior executives who volunteer to advise clients based on their own business experience. The Network has over 300 active mentors who make a real contribution in our client companies, bringing about change, removing barriers to growth and enabling strategic success.


Mentor Panels for High Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs)

In addition to one-to-one mentor assignments, Enterprise Ireland organises monthly Mentor Panels where companies in the early stages of development can present their business plan/investment proposal. The Mentor Panel is chosen specifically to suit the needs, sector and required expertise of the attending companies.  Companies can pitch to the panel and gain valuable feedback and advice on their business proposition in a trusted environment.  Contact your Enterprise Ireland Adviser for more information.


Business Accelerators

Enterprise Ireland can help companies retain the services of a Business Accelerator – an industry expert within a specific sector and market, with the experience, knowledge and contacts to support the company’s expansion into new markets.  Business Accelerators come from the front lines of industry worldwide, with the relevant sales and marketing experience to advise and guide Irish companies on accelerating their export growth. Under the Enterprise Ireland Internationalisation Grant, funding of up to 50% is available to companies working with a Business Accelerator.

Daniel doesn’t carry any of that baggage and is 100% focused on you and your agenda. As an experienced business coach and an objective outsider to your situation, Daniel can listen with empathy in an open, non-judgemental way and  provide you with dispassionate, objective feedback. He has ‘walked in your shoes’, so he understands the business and personal dynamics involved in running a business and making key business decisions. He can challenge you by asking the hard questions, while supporting you in addressing urgent issues and finding sensible, sustainable solutions.

Daniel can help you gain perspective on your business gain real clarity about your situation and explore best options for you identify priorities and key areas for action confront critical decisions bring about change in your thinking and behaviours find a balance between your personal and business goals, plan better, manage better, lead better.

“The mentor is there to listen, guide and challenge, to consider a range of options an help you prioritise opportunities – the role is not that of a consultant, it is your responsibility to choose the option and implement the plans.”